A host of contributors lent their talent to the film – making it truly a textured weaving of experience and observation.  From voice to photography to music to videography to design to advisement and sponsorship , we’d like to thank and recognize the generous individuals and organizations below.  (This is only a partial listing of credits and attribution – the full listing can be seen in the film credits).




The voice leading and weaving us though the story is that of multi-gifted Fredrick Lopez .




Mora & San Miguel County

The images of the greater Mora and San Miguel County area in the film help to capture this truly special place:  the boundlessness of the landscape, the strong and vibrant people who call it home, and the timelessness of the culture.  Each photographer in the film relays a unique viewpoint from which to witness.   Our fabulous featured photographers are  Alexandria King, Sharon Stewart,  and Tony Stromberg.   Additional image contributions by the following talented and generous individuals:  Kathleen Dudley, Don Hamilton, Arielle Hawney,  Marianna Lands, and Pat Leahan.

San Juan Basin – Four Corners Area

The thing about going through image after image after image of photography from the Four Corners Area/San Juan Basin is that it is heartbreaking.  It’s not that there’s one image that shows a leaking wellhead.  It’s that there are hundreds.  And leaky wellheads are just one issue.  Photos don’t capture smells or sound vibrations – but they certainly give you a small glimpse of what it’s like to live in this industrialized landscape.  To each of you we give boundless thanks for documenting and sharing your experiences with us in the hopes that not another place has to suffer the same ills that have befallen the amazing vistas and watersheds of Northwestern New Mexico and Southeastern Colorado –  – Mike Eisenfeld, Tweeti Blancett, Charlene Anderson, Chris Velasquez, Don Schreiber, Jane Schreiber, as well as Santa Fe photographer Peter Ogilvie.


Rooted Lands/Tierras Arraigadas just wouldn’t look the same without the amazing featured aerial photography courtesy of Bruce Gordon and Jonathan Kloberdanz with EcoFlight.  Their organization provides a critical perspective shift that bestows a solid grasp of large-scale land use issues like forest clear-cuts, beetle infestations, strip mines, road building, as well as gas and oil drilling which is shown in the film as it has impacted the greater Rocky Mountain West.  They have an extensive photo and video gallery on a wide range of landscape issues.

We were also fortunate as Merry Schroeder, Lighthawk Volunteer Pilot, took Tony Stromberg & Don Hamilton up on a flight above the greater Mora and San Miguel area as well as over a portion of Northeastern New Mexico where drilling pads dot the landscape and they shared their footage with us.  Stromberg’s aerial footage shows portions of Mora and the greater area in its current pristine state.



While there are several different music styles in the movie, the featured music is courtesy of Carl Bernstein who lived in the Mora County area for a number of years and now makes a home in the San Miguel County area when he’s not traveling across the country and the world bringing music and conversing about its power.  Carl has concertized over the last 40 years throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Additional music by Kostas Varotsis – courtesy of Radical A Publishing;  Thomas Nicholls courtesy of Triple Scoop Music;  Matt Miller, Brian Matthews and Cameron Scott courtesy of Prolific Publishing;  and a compilation piece courtesy of FootageFirm.



Any documentary 4 years in the making tends to have many hours of footage and this footage is essential to telling the story.

Producer Roberts spent time shooting and interviewing throughout the Four Corners Area and in Mora and San Miguel Counties but there were 3 organizations truly instrumental in capturing and relaying additional local footage that was key to the story and its heartbeat – an immense thank you to:  Kathleen Dudley & Don Hamilton w/ Drilling Mora County,  Bruce Gordon & Jonathan Kloberdanz w/ EcoFlight and Pat Leahan & Arielle Hawney w/ Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center.

In addition, there are wonderful resources out there for accessing works by videographers all over the world – the first few minutes of the film showcasing global landscapes was predominantly sourced from the artists at  Additional scenes were also compliments of




A heap of special thanks to Gary Cascio with Late Nite Grafix who designed the graphic title, dvd artwork and associated marketing materials and always relayed such enthusiasm and support for the film.  (The original source image for the tree in the graphic title was the creation of artist Kudryashka with canstockphoto.)


Website services are courtesy of Las Vegas natives Loloma Adam Caldwell with Red Earth, and Mariano Ulibarri with Mitzie Studio.



We would like to give extra special thanks to Mike Eisenfeld with the San Juan Citizens Alliance for ongoing advisement on the complicated processease and intricasies of natural gas development as well as providing an educational overview of its impact on the entire four corners regional area.  To Bruce Frederick with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center for reviewing the film as well as to Arturo Sandoval and Carla Neito with the Center of Southwest Culture for providing fiscal sponsorship.


La Querencia De La Tierra...

La Querencia De La Tierra...

...the love of your place, of your land, of the landscape that has contributed to you as a person. In April 2013, Mora became the first county in the United States to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Their community rights-based ordinance is being challenged in federal court and communities across the nation are watching. Rooted Lands witnesses predominantly Hispanic rural villages in New[...]

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