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Across the country, industry hopes state governments will enact laws aimed at superseding counties’ jurisdiction over oil & gas drilling activities. Your voice is critical in protecting our most precious resources.  Check here for local, regional and national resources that can help you stay up to date on the issue and find out how to get involved.



Support the FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act)

Contact your Representative – Tell them Support the Frac Act – Senate (S. 1215) and House (H.R. 2766) bills call to remove the exemption to the Safe Drinking Water Act for Hydraulic Fracturing.  Contacting your elected officials is critical to its passage…find and contact your Representative or Senator.


Resources for Mora County, San Miguel County and Around New Mexico:

PROTECT San Miguel County

San Juan Citizens Alliance – San Juan Basin – Four Corners Area

Drilling Mora County

Drilling Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico



Regional & National Links:

San Juan Citizens Alliance – San Juan Basin – Four Corners Area Environmental Testing – Texas

Western Colorado Congress – Grand Junction, CO

Sierra Club – Rio Grande Chapter, New Mexico

EARTHWORKS – Oil and Gas Accountability Project – New Mexico and Beyond

Food and Water Watch – Washington, D.C.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund – Pennsylvania

Frack Action – New York, NY

Natural Resources Defense Council – New York, NY

SkyTruth – Shepherdstown, WV

Sierra Club – San Francisco, CA

Headwaters Economics – Bozeman, MT

The Endocrine Distruption Exchange and Dr. Theo Colborn – Paonia, CO